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About Vanshul Electricals LLP

Starting from humble beginnings, we at Vanshul Electricals LLP have grown to one of the prominent electrical product suppliers and contractors in India. With a constant emphasis on cost effectiveness, energy conservation and quality, we are committed to bring you a solution that is at par with today’s technology with benefits of savings on both energy and money for our clients.

Who are we?

Living up to our core idea of energy conservation, we design unique electrical solutions that help in distributing power safely and efficiently according to Power Quality Management and Consecration.

Our wide range of products that has acquired great demand in the market includes Power Distribution Boards, Control Centers and Control desks as our primary product offerings. Apart from these, our products also include –

  • Automatic Power Factor Control
  • Feeder Pillar
  • Motor controlling centers
  • AC/DC Drive Control Panels
  • PLC Panels

We believe, with the correct distribution of power in factories and other industries that rely heavily on electricity for their operations, merits like accuracy, quality and efficiency can be incorporated into their daily production activities. Our products act as an extension to this idea, and vastly improve the intrinsic value of a production company manifold. This has led to our products being constantly sought out in the market for their high performance value.
With continuous improvements and research, we are confident in providing unique solutions to daily needs within an industrial setup.

What do we DO?

Our services extend, not just to the designing and supply phase, but also to the implementation of our products on to a workplace. Bringing in a complete all-rounded solution, we employ experts, high-skilled technicians and a large workforce for installation and erection purposes. This saves the trouble of looking for workforce outside your scope and ensures the conclusion of a project from start to its end with complete peace of mind.

Our aim is to provide products that are efficient and services that are reliable with a proper action plan. With this approach, we have been able to accomplish prestigious project across various states in India at a fast pace without compromising on quality.

Know more and meet us today

Our services include design, supply and installation of electrical solutions within the budgetary constraints of a customer. If you are looking to increase the efficiency of your production unit or simply begin a new venture, then reach out to us for your power distribution needs.

With our proven track record of efficient implementation of electrical solutions, and the heart-warming recommendations from our clients gives us enormous confidence to bring you a cost-effective solution.

To know more, reach out to us today and allow us the pleasure to serve you with our best products and service offerings.